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Using Revolut app in Cyprus


What Is Revolut?

Revolut is a popular digital banking and currency exchange platform that offers a seamless way to manage your money. With its user-friendly mobile app, Revolut has gained traction in Cyprus, where it’s widely accepted by businesses for transactions. This platform allows users to perform real-time currency exchanges at current market rates, making it an appealing option for both locals and visitors.

How Do I Use Revolut?

Using Revolut for currency exchange is straightforward, especially through its smartphone app. Here’s a quick guide:

Easy Steps for Installation

1. Download the App: Open your phone’s app store and search for „Revolut.” Download and install the app.!JUN1-24-AR-H2

2. Sign Up: Launch the app and sign up for a new account by providing your email and creating a password.

3. Verify Your Identity: You’ll need to verify your identity by submitting some personal information and a photo of an ID document, like a passport or driver’s license.
4. Fund Your Account: Link a debit or credit card, or transfer funds directly from your bank account to your new Revolut account.
5. Exchange Currency: Once your account is funded, select the currency you want to exchange from and to. For example, to convert British pounds to euros, choose GBP to EUR. Enter the amount, review the exchange rate and any applicable fees, and confirm the transaction. The exchange happens instantly, and your account is updated immediately with the new balance.


Let’s say you want to exchange 100 British pounds to euros:

– Open the app and select GBP as the “from” currency.
– Select EUR as the “to” currency.
– Enter £100.
– The app will display the current exchange rate and show the equivalent amount in euros.
– Confirm the exchange, and the amount will be converted instantly and reflected in your balance.

Convenient & Efficient

Revolut eliminates the need to visit physical banks or currency exchange offices, offering a hassle-free digital solution. While you can order a physical card for use, your Revolut account comes with a digital card accessible via your phone. This digital-first approach, combined with competitive exchange rates and a user-friendly interface, makes Revolut an excellent choice for frequent travelers, expats, and anyone needing regular currency exchanges.

In Cyprus, Revolut’s acceptance across businesses adds to its convenience, making it a reliable financial tool whether you’re shopping locally or managing funds internationally.

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